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Packaging Design

Ètymo is the name of the project created for the Zonin 1821 winery. The naming seeks the true and real meaning of a word, but also the root from which it all begins, a reminder of the tension towards original harmony. Form and synthesis of production processes but also the original centre from where it all began. The inspiration of this packaging lies in the oenological use of the ovoid-shaped concrete amphora (egg-shaped) used for the refinement of wine, but also in the volcanic belly of the Euganean Hills, the birthplace of the grapes, therefore the primordial origin.

It is the incredible story of Italian biodiversity, enhanced by unique characteristics, which have made Italy great in the world. The composition of the label takes place centred with the shape of an egg divided in half and made on two layers while beside the nature of the volcanic hills is carved on the paper. On the background, from above, hangs a golden egg, a tribute and reference to the Italian excellence of Renaissance art by Piero della Francesca, who used it in one of his most important artworks, “La Pala di Brera”. The myth of the egg exists in its cosmic value and represents the primordial unity of the being in many myths and, in particular, in the ancient narratives about the origin of the world. All of this contributes to the definition of our packaging: wine, creation, territory, art, Italy.