The most awarded Italian wine designer in the world and internationally renowned photographer, Mario Di Paolo is the soul of what himself defines as his "Life Space". A creative lobby in which he has enclosed unprecedented personal, educational and cultural experiences.

Messenger of italian wine design in the world.

Messenger of italian wine design in the world.

He's absorbed, from art, the concept of "everything can be done" and has brought it into packaging design. But it is the deep knowledge of the technical mechanism regulating the creative idea that allows him to obtain innovative solutions making each of his projects always feasible. What he researches, studies and develops in terms of creativity, visions, assemblages of materials, languages and analyses, he translates into techniques that change the Wine&Spirits market. The Designer Of The Year 2022 award consecrated him as an unrivaled international trend setter.

Over the years our packaging designs have won over
250 awards.