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Caiaffa Wines


The creative project realized by Spazio Di Paolo for Caiaffa wines represents a tribute to nature and the insects’ world, which marvelously collaborates with the synergistic agriculture. This type of agriculture lacks the use of pesticides and insecticides and considers the interaction between the micro and the macro world to be very important. The insects’ ecosystem regulates the vineyard equilibrium, both on the subsoil and topsoil. The connection between subsoil and topsoil is represented by the superimposition of two labels. The upper one is a die cut label, which symbolizes the tunnels dug by insects that are fundamental for micro-oxygenating the soil and facilitating a passage for the nutriment needed by the roots. The second label lets half-view the insects, which live in the vineyard and symbolize the authenticity of the natural world.

Caiaffa wines’ premium line has been called with the names of three different insects, which are Vibrans, Acheta and Carabus. Vibrans corresponds to the red wine, while Acheta identifies the rosè one and Carabus refers to the white wine.