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“Call Me When it Rains” heedlessly said Luigi Valori over the phone to cut it short. During sunny days Luigi is always busy working in the vineyards. His words mirror the authenticity of his relationship with his vineyards and the simplicity of his organic wine production. After analysing the market and its sceneries, we created a personalized language through the representation of a familiar and daily visual code, providing a cue of reflection upon Luigi’s point of view.

The world of organic products is complex and various. An innovative label leads consumers to think about producers’ and production’s ethics, while a conventional label does not encourage towards such a reflection. This packaging project concentrates, not only on the organic certification of Luigi Valori’s natural wine, but mostly on Luigi himself. A wine grower devoted to his authentic and symbiotic relationship with his vineyard and with time that passes by. His motto “call me when it rains” represented a starting point that inspired us to develop the packaging project we realised.

The nature equilibrium depends on the weather conditions to which men adapt themselves in order to get the most out of it. Across the years, nature always provides a variable element, which differentiate the organic wine’s features depending on the different vintages. Time becomes the reading key of this packaging project, whilst colourful umbrellas and various golden rains emphasize the storytelling.