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Packaging Design

The term “Votiva” evokes the very ancient practice of exercising a Vow, or an act of devotion, towards a deity or a God, as a sign and thankful evidence for grace received or vow fulfilled. Votiva, the name we have chosen for a series of packaging, comes from studies and research of the ancient devotion of the Italian people towards deities. The new votive packaging, dedicated, by the winemakers producing this wine, to the Goddess Mefite, is part of those studies also.

We researched the history of the winery native territory and we took inspiration from ancient stone Latin inscriptions and a sculpture dedicated to the Goddess Mefiti belonging to ancient Italian peoples of Irpinia who practised her cult. The idea of transforming packaging into a Votive act connects us to the deepest roots of our origins by having a great journey through history, giving back value to the long path of human evolution. This association with antiquity, while consolidates the concept of belonging and descending, enhancing the history of the territory where all this happens, it also relocates man in front of divine greatness, which is nothing more than devotion to the immensity of Nature.


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