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Urciuolo, Dannami


Packaging Design

For this wine packaging, we have researched ancient iconology, starting from the Italian word “dannami”, which could be translated as “damned”, “damnation”. We have identified the Damnation in the pursuit of oenological perfection linked to the winemaker hard work and efforts and so we have drawn on the ancient iconography of the snake, retracing the Greek and Roman mythology. The snake was adored in ancient times for its mysterious life and its connection with the earth, for its danger and for its ability to hypnotize its prey, and was depicted in most of the ancient and Christian iconography. He was feared for his poison but was given positive abilities, making him a propitiatory symbol and donor of fertility.

Moreover, in the symbol of the Uroboros, which means “eating its own tail”, the snake began to be connected to the concept of infinity. It was a symbol of cyclical time, of universal energy that is consumed and renewed continuously, representing infinity, eternity, immortality and therefore perfection. For this reason, the packaging is a memory of history and a symbol of perfection and strength, thanks to the modelling of a gold-coloured metallic snake, shaped like the endless knot of the infinity, applied directly on the glass of the bottle.


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