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Tasca d’Almerita, Nozze d’Oro


Packaging Design

The new Luxoro project brings together in a single packaging elements such as design, history, nature, passions and emotions. It is a limited series re-edition of a historic wine from the Sicilian Tasca d’Almerita Winery in Italy, that the Count Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita dedicated in 1984 to his wife Franca to celebrate their fifty-year of marriage. It’s a project where we ideally enter into the world of Tasca d’Almerita through Regaleali, the main family estate in the centre of Sicily. The experience lived by those who arrive at the winery is the emotion felt at the vibrant sun which, from the old Baglio (farmhouse), opens up to the immense field as far as you can see covered in vineyards. The bottle interacts with the user, who has to literally open a window, transforming the packaging into a tridimensional experience. The blue chosen for the shutters becomes an iconic element, but also an architectural structure that recalls the physicality of the place. In fact, during the sixties, the Count ordered to paint of that blue all of the windows, doors, shutters, essentially everything that could be open. Still today they are a distinctive feature of the place.

In regards of the composition, the window becomes a theatrical backdrop which delimits the present with the past and invites the user to enter to discover these landscapes and extraordinary love story. A sort of a window on history, an access point, a passageway. The gold foil behind the doors enlightens, through reflections of light, the underlying label made of two embossed vineyards shaped as the faces of the Tasca couple.


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