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Gruppo Mezzacorona


Our project for Teroldego Rotaliano, a no sulfites added wine, was committed by Mezzacorona Group. It started with a research project on the iconicity of the territory. The packaging represents a product hailing from Trentino and obtained from excellent quality, mature, and purest grapes. This enabled the producer to eliminate the use of additional sulphites during the various phases of wine production. We studied the origins and iconicity of the Trentino vine arbor shape, which represents an extraordinary expression of oenological ingenuity as well as an ancient element of the Trentino viticulture. We depicted a natural element of the territory, such as the Mezzocorona mountain’s skyline, through a die-cut label on the left side. The entire label is consistent with the original and asymmetric shape of the vineyard as it was a cadastral unit.