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Marina Palusci


Only 2000 bottles specifically created for a limited edition of Leccio del Corno monocultivar extra-virgin olive oil, produced within an Italian region called Abruzzo by Marina Palusci. For this new line of olive oil named Alchimia, we came up with a glass bottle coloured in blue inspired by the panel test typical glass. The label develops on two levels.

The higher layer made by grease proof Tintoretto Gesso paper produced by Arconvert shows olive-shaped openings that uncover the lower layer made of silk-screened PVC. Drawn within these openings there are white stylized images, which, once put together, create a narration. From the olive tree to the inflorescence, going through the ripe fruit and the harvest, ending in the last olive-shaped opening, where is depicted the figure of a woman who waits the closing of the olive oil production cycle.

If you read counter-clockwise the narration of the olive evolution on the bottle, it recalls the sun evolution, as it arises, lives, and sets following the same trajectory, from left to right. It is not by chance that the sun has a strong influence on the growth of oil inside olives and it is constantly present in all the evolution phases.