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We named this packaging “landscape within”. It represents the interaction between memory, landscape and action. It is a special edition commissioned by Luxoro/Kurz, worldwide supplier of foil and cliché (stereotyping printing), for which we created the “Illivio” label, a historical wine of the famous Italian winery Livio Felluga.

The winery is renowned on the market for the ancient map of their Friulian territory printed on all their labels with a coloured baroque frame in the middle of it. The challenge has been transforming the label into an emotional journey. We created two superimposed labels full of cultural quotes. The first one shows a finely decorated landscape printed both on the front side and backside; the second and precious one, in reflecting gold, displays a three-dimensional baroque frame printed in white. The first label covers the entire bottle, and it can be opened and closed on one side. Once opened, it discloses the splendour of the divine light and the elegance of the baroque frame and it symbolizes the memory of a landscape that the founder, Livio Felluga, saw for the first time. The landscape is captured by the glare and it reappears in the moment of the recollection within the memory.

“We like to think about this project as it was a passage, the emotion of a memory. The instant in which eyelid are closed for the blinding sun and the memory recalls the last image fixed in the mind. This is the ‘landscape within’: the intimacy of a sincere memory, protected within the moment of a glare”.