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Palmento Costanzo


We are located on the Etna, massive and majestic volcanic mountain in Sicily. More specifically, we are situated in a Contrada named Santo Spirito, a very small area characterized by the presence of ancient ungrafted vineyards, which produce excellent grapes. This specific micro-area is the birthplace of Palmento Costanzo’s new line of cru wines called Contrada, made up of a careful selection of the best grapes.

The wine label, composed on the upper part of a highly tactile pigment extracted from the Etna volcanic dust, visually represents an erupting volcano: the upper line depicts the volcano’s mouth, while the lower one represents the lava. Semiotic plays an important role here. The illustration of the mountain is the signified and the concept of the mountain itself is the signifier. Put together, signifier and signified, recall the volcano Etna in all its forms of visual, tactile and olfactory expression.

Our purpose is allowing the consumer to perceive, through the senses, the porosity of volcanic dust, the smell of flint, and the minerals’ luminescence. These elements create a strong connection with the place of origin, so much so that, drinking Contrada and looking at the bottle feels like being in the Contrada Santo Spirito vineyards on the Etna.