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We created this one-of-a-kind wine packaging for the Asian market. The Western world meets the Eastern one through a cultural exchange. On one side, the Western oenology, on the other side the Eastern symbology. To build this new cross-cultural style up, we chose a legendary and sacred symbol such as the carp to be the protagonist of our packaging. In a game of filled and empty shapes, a three-dimensional carp – made out of copper – is alternated with a same shaped cut in the paper, as if they were a Tao symbol.

In the Eastern culture, the carp is a widely appreciated animal, not only for his beauty and colours, but also for the meanings hidden behind it, like perseverance and good fortune. A carp is always moving forward, and it’s considered to be one of the strongest and most energetic fishes. It’s capable of swimming against the currents, and thanks to its ability, a carp is also interpreted as a nonconformist symbol, able to overcome difficulties.

The legends behind the carp are always associated with willpower and positive changes, which underlines that anyone with enough willpower can achieve great things.