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COLLEFRISIO_Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo



According to the language of flowers, Magnolia means purity and modesty, dignity and perseverance. We have been inspired by the flower Magnolia to represent this rosé from Collefrisio Winery.
The idea of depicting the purity and modesty of this rosé with such a vibrant colour comes to life through a label that slowly shows itself playing with embossings and reflections.
Built on a heat-sensitive natural paper, we’ve worked with several print techniques to fully emphasize the tridimensional perceptions of petals, while the light reveals the white and the shapes of said petals: via transparency thanks to the thinning of the paper in some petals, which take their colour from the wine’s pink; via reflection thanks to some polishing; via embossings shadows which make the petals vibrate and help to define their shapes; lastly, via depth thanks to some petals cut in the paper which show the wine inside the bottle.
Finally we made the back label with the same technique of thermal crushing to coordinate the whole packaging.

collefrisio-cerasuolo-abruzzo-2020-awards-packaging-spaziodipaolo-label-wine-italy-rose-winedesign-vinitaly-1 collefrisio-cerasuolo-abruzzo-2020-awards-packaging-spaziodipaolo-label-wine-italy-rose-winedesign-vinitaly-5 collefrisio-cerasuolo-abruzzo-2020-awards-packaging-spaziodipaolo-label-wine-italy-rose-winedesign-vinitaly-4 collefrisio-cerasuolo-abruzzo-2020-awards-packaging-spaziodipaolo-label-wine-italy-rose-winedesign-vinitaly-3 collefrisio-cerasuolo-abruzzo-2020-awards-packaging-spaziodipaolo-label-wine-italy-rose-winedesign-vinitaly-2