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Valentina Passalacqua


Rooted in white stone subsoil, the vines in the Valentina Passalacqua Winery flourish and grow. We decided to name the wine ‘Litos’, from the Latin word meaning ‘stone’ – a true expression of this beautiful land located in Apricena, in the region of Puglia, Italy. The wine – the fruit of these organically farmed vineyards – is completely natural and wonderfully expresses the characteristics of the rock layers in the subsoil.

This is why we reproduced this “rock layering” with three different natural types of paper, using three distinct shades of white, in order to give the label an original and sophisticated feel. The automatic concentric overlapping of the three labels is the fantastic result of months of work with Rotas (a labeling company), leading to the development and construction of specific equipment for the automation of this project.

This study resulted in the creation – something that had never been done before – of a three-layered, self-adhesive label made of three different paper types that are attached to one another through automated production, carried in the label factory.  This allowed us to lower manufacturing costs, while also guaranteeing perfectly identical labels.